Stupid TFR

It is a beautiful day today. Friday I tried to go flying but there was so much haze from the fire up near Wyoming that it was just no fun. So I’ve been looking forward to flying today. But I can’t.

OBAMA is in town.

I have no interest in this. I don’t care if he wants to try to drum up votes from the students.

But because of him, I cannot fly. There is a stupid Temporary Flight Restriction over the whole city – Denver and Boulder. I think this is insanity. I’ve been told that back in the 40’s Harry Truman used to walk around on the street in DC. People would say hello. Now the President thinks he is a God, and that all the citizens in the country are serfs that he can just walk on. Probably not fair — it probably isn’t really him that thinks he is a God – it is probably all the retinue of fascists around him. And I guess it is true that there are a lot of crazy people out there who want to do violence. But stopping air traffic over the whole city? Isn’t that too much?