I wanted to know what sort of traffic was being generated by the various websites I host.  So I set up webalizer. Every time I decide to use this, I have to figure it all out again.

Created directory /etc/webalizer.d/ with an entry for each website, e.g. /etc/webalizer.d/fred for fred.com, containing a copy of the /etc/webalizer.conf sample file, with the name of the log file changed and the output going into /var/www/usage/fred

Created backup_scripts/webalizer containing:

for W in /etc/webalizer.d/*.conf; do /usr/bin/webalizer -c $W; done

Started the script from crontab.

In apache, I have a 443 virtualhost for usage.wmbuck.net which gives me the statistics for website fred when invoked with https://usage.wmbuck.net/fred.