Broken bones

Clambering around working on the garage I took a spill last Tuesday (9/18) and broke my ankle in three places. I’ve been having to get around the house on crutches.

You know the worst thing about crutches? That you can’t carry anything! To get the coffee from the kitchen to the desk where I work requires a succession of steps where I crutch to a location, stand still on one leg and move the coffee from the brewing location to a different spot in the kitchen, reposition myself, and stand on one leg while I move the coffee from that location to the pass-through counter, walk around into the other room, position and move the coffee from the pass-through to the worktable, reposition and move the coffee from the worktable to the desk. Then crutch over to the desk sit down, turn on the chair and I’m finally able to reach the coffee.

I won’t even describe what I have to do to carry stuff up the steps to bed at night.