Mysql 5.7 on Fedora 25

Had a fair amount of trouble getting mysqld to run properly on Fedora 25.

One issue was that mysql 5.7 introduces expiration of passwords, and ALL my passwords expired, including root. I couldn’t do anything, including change my password. Catch 22.

Also, the tables were out of date, and I needed a mysql_upgrade. But I couldn’t do that, because my password was expired.

Eventually figured out that I could change the password with mysqladmin password “goop”

After this, I was able to get in as root, and eventually get all the passwords marked as legitimate.

I was also able to update all the tables with mysql_upgrade.

In researching and troubleshooting this, I discovered a bunch of errors on cinnamon, with innodb generating errors of the form:

InnoDB: Ignoring tablespace `xbmc_video90/directorlinktvshow` because it could not be opened.

I’m pretty sure what happened here was that I removed the files for old xmbc databases from /var/lib/mysql, but didn’t actually drop the databases first. This is a bad habit left over from pre-Innodb when you could get rid of a mysql database just by removing the files.

I made a lot of attempts to fix this with setting in mysqld.conf:

innodb_force_recovery = 1 (or 2 or 3)

but it never worked. In the end I managed to get rid of these errors by :

mysqladmin create xbmc_videoxx (or xbmc_musicxx)

and then

mysqladmin drop xbmc_videoxx

mysqladmin generates a whole bunch of errors and warnings about not being able to find the files, but it does seem to remove the dreck from the innodb files.



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