About Commenting

I built my first website years ago to learn how to do it.
I built the second one to help me with students when teaching.
After that I built a few more to learn new skills, and then started helping others build them, and used my own as an ongoing learning exercise.

By now, the purpose of my own website is simply to record technical things I’ve learned, so that I remember them. It is mostly for me.
I make it available online so that in the extremely unlikely event that somebody somewhere is looking for an answer that I have found (and if they manage to find their way here) they can read what I have learned, and if it helps anyone, I am very gratified. But I am under no illusion that this will happen very often, and perhaps never.

Initially I allowed public commenting. But I found that was a bad idea, as all the comments are from spammers and require looking at and removing. Then I tried allowing public registration, and that was a bad idea too, as I got registrations from spammers.

If you are a real person, and would seriously like to comment on anything I would be very happy to provide you with login credentials so you can do so. Simply drop me a line at dee at thegraygeek dot com and say something cogent about what you have read here, and I’ll set it up for you. It doesn’t have to be smart. I don’t care if you agree with me, or if you are a novice or a genius. If you have something to say on topic I’m happy for you to do so. And if you use the credential to advertise I will simply remove your credentials.